About Us

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Currently employing 3 crews totaling 14 people, we are able to provide the specialized care of a small company while bringing the knowledge, professionalism, and capabilities of a much larger business. Ivy Creek has grown into the amazing team that it is today from humble beginnings in 2018, as one college kid with a truck, old trailer, and a chainsaw.

Since the beginning, we have focused not only on skill when hiring our team members- but more importantly on the quality, drive, and passion of the person. From doing this we have quickly separated ourselves from the rest of the industry, and our emphasis on personal passion from our people continues to remain a very important pillar of our business. We aim to provide strong futures for our people with a multitude of opportunities as our team and community mentality is, and will always remain our top priority.  

Most important to us being a family-run company, is the quality and passion we can provide our customers. We aim to work WITH every client to make sure they get exactly what they are looking for in their project. This comes from listening to your vision and making professional recommendations after better understanding your motives and purpose for the space. Clients are our business, employees are our company, and outdoor living is our passion.

Our goal is to continue our swift expansion around the greater Charlotte North and South Carolina area, with the future in mind. The focus is spearheaded in becoming the highest and most well-known brand bringing both quality and unique outdoor living spaces to the Carolinas.